Brand Name

LANDER Lithium Complex EP Grease

NGLI 00, 0, 1, 2, 3


LANDER Lithium Complex EP Greases are high temperature lubricating greases formulated with lithium complex thickener and premium quality petroleum base oils. These special thickeners provide excellent work-shear stability, resisting both softening and hardening of the grease during use. The lithium complex thickener further providers for a high dropping point, which resists melting and leakage from bearing operating at elevated temperatures. Long service life is an inherent feature of high quality lithium complex greases. In addition to their high temperature performance capabilities.

LANDER Lithium Complex EP Grease pump well at low temperatures and maintain their consistency with minimal oil bleed during long-term storage.

LANDER Lithium Complex EP Grease offer good resistance to washout by water, making them suitable for use in wet application. These greases are fortified with rust and corrosion inhibitors for optimum protection. Wear is reduced through the use of Lithium Complex Grease due to the presence of effective extreme pressure and anti-wear agents.