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LANDER LUBE believes in working with business partners in the distribution of LANDER LUBE products. We believe in working with people in trust and for the long term. We offer tools to develop your expertise and improve your market knowledge to help you to accelerate growth. Our focus is on helping you to build long-term, valued relationships.

Dealer Recruitment
Lander Lube Co., Ltd., manufacturer and distributor of Lander Lube lubricants Industrial lubricant, Automotive lubricant, Metal working lubricant and Grease products The company has registered as an oil trader with the Department of Energy Business. The company's products are internationally standardized and manufactured according to ISO9001: 2001
Lander Lubrication Co., Ltd. has a policy of support and sales and would like customers in different regions to use our quality products with the continued expansion of the manufacturing industry. To meet and expand the market to the region thoroughly including neighboring countries, it is our pleasure to be a part of your business growth with us.

The products to be distributed and promoted are as follows:
hydraulic oil
Transmission oil
Engine oil
Compressor oil
Cutting oil
Slideway oil
Rustproof oil
and others

If you are interested to apply for a distributor, please file a request and submit the following documents.
For a spare shop / company / partnership.
1. Reseller application form
(Request Form Contact)
2. Trade Registration
3. Copy of ID card
4. Map of the establishment of your shop.
5. Telephone number, fax number (if any)

If you are an independent sales representative / individual person / general contractor
1. Reseller application form
(Request Form Contact)
2. Map of your establishment / address
3. Phone number, fax number (if any)

For more information, please contact the Marketing Department.
Tel. 095-756-7235
Fax. 034-474-427